Hello! I'm AJ 👋🏽

It's nice to e-meet you! 

 🌱 I'm a recruiting specialist making the full swing into UX design and research. I've always had a strong desire to create delightful and memorable experiences for my candidates while I was in recruiting, and felt strongly that my next step in my career would be to create these same experiences for users and the products they use.

📝 I started off my journey like most folks -- identity crisis, but with some guidance, I found direction and took General Assembly's User Experience Design Immersive program and haven't looked back. As I break into the Product Design and UX field, I realize the skills of communication and empathy I've developed, go perfectly to assist me with understanding user pain points and ultimately, developing intuitive products for users alike.

⚡️ When I'm not exploring the realm of Product Design and UX with iced coffee in hand, you can catch me:

  • Smothering my Shiba, Taro
  • Binging a cartoon, anime, or tv show
  • Practicing yoga/mindful meditation
  • Sketching
  • Live, laugh, loving with my friends, partner, and/Taro (obvi) 🐕

Let's create together ✨

fueled by // coldbrew

Coffee chat? Feel free to email directly at a.josephdevera@gmail.com